Guiness Beer


Slumping bar sales in the Southwest region for Bass Ale, Moosehead, Red Stripe, Pilsner Urquell and Harp. The proliferation of Micro-Breweries had taken a bite out of the sales and the client wanted to maintain and increase presence these 5 imported bottled brands. The agency had a $20,000 budget and a huge inventory of Bass Ale Glasses at it disposal to reach bar operators large and small.


“What in the World Will You Order?” a promotion created to capture the diversity of these unique international favorites. By placing a glass on each table to hold the table tent in place, an inescapable message presented itself to consumers.


Better than expected market penetration and the best ever Bass Ale Glass promotion for two consecutive years. With a cost of $18,000, the distinctive Bass Ale Glass was a self liquidator. Our table tent creative won an Addy award in the sales promotion category. We were awarded several other draft beer and restaurant specific promotions afterward.