TGI Fridays


Slumping first quarter beverage sales – the 400+ casual dining chain was tracking down 6% for the fourth consecutive month. If this trend continued it would be a devastating summer. We were given no budget, only a challenge – increase drink sales!


“Good, Good, Good – Good Libations”, would set the stage for our summer promotion as well as create immediate impact in the restaurants. The center piece of this promotion was a fun, over-sized, disposable drink menu. It’s 4 versions featured all of Friday’s regional favorites including smoothies, flings and dessert drinks. The wait staff was encouraged (without incentive) to hand out the menus as “souvenirs” and to actually circle or highlight specific drinks for their patrons.


Within two weeks of receiving the menus, sales were up 2.5% over the prior year for total increase of of nearly 7% (over 2 million dollars increase the first month) The cost, under $25,000 – a bargain. we quickly followed this with record setting summer promotion and then repeated similar Good Libations menu co-branded with Heublein in the fall.